How to Stay Motivated to Study Even When You Just Want to Sleep

The motivation for fitness and sport comes from within.The focus is on the benefits of sport for health, fitness and well-being.This type needs little support from outside. One of the biggest motivators for studying is the promise of reward. Before you sit down to study, decide how you will reward yourself afterwards. Perhaps you’ll treat yourself to an episode of your favourite Netflix show, or maybe you’ll arrange to meet your friends. I had no idea that running was going to be a long-term hobby, I just thought that I’d run a few shorter races before taking on the London Marathon.

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Generally speaking, the calmer you feel, the easier it’ll be to move through each day, without carrying around the additional burden of those things that you simply can’t change. These little breaks do a world of good for your revision focus. They’ll feel good while you’re doing them, and you’ll reap the benefits when you return to revision afterwards. Fortunately, we have got those all-important motivational tips to get you through this tough time and fill up that blank document with the 2,000 words due next week. Download my study planner which prompts you to choose a reward for each study session.

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Although Sandra was looking forward to starting her course, she was also a little anxious about what would be involved as a mature student. Sandra particularly liked the modules that related to self-improvement and those that helped with setting and achieving your goals. The flexibility offered by Oxbridge meant that Sandra was able to easily complete her course as a mature student whilst still working every day. Do you often find yourself lacking the motivation to change your circumstances? Pick a few motivational phrases and save them on your personal computer or make a wallpaper with a saying on your smartphone.

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Thank you for helping people around the world, who are complete strangers to you, like myself. I am sure tons of people read your content, and you might not know but I am sure your work is helping several people. If you’ve got a big task you keep putting off and is distracting you then tackle that first with the ‘eat the ugly frog’ technique. But if low motivation is really crippling you, try for a ‘quick win’ instead.