3. You don’t meet them – you recognize them

3. You don’t meet them – you recognize them

You may lose touch for years. Other people might be telling you that you’re making things up or that you’re exaggerating.

Here’s another cliche from all those romcoms we’ve all watched. However, this one is also real, and it’s definitely a sign of something bigger.

Has it ever occurred to you to meet the person for the first time, but you feel like parhaat vietnamilaiset treffisivustot you’ve known them forever? You rewind your entire life back and forth trying to place them in a folder, and put effort into remembering if you’ve ever met.

After talking to them, you realize that this really is your first meeting. Nevertheless, you can’t get rid of that feeling that you’ve known this person your whole life.

Well, it’s because you have. Actually, this is probably a past-life connection or a karmic connection. Your souls have known each other for an entire eternity.

In that case, your karmic relationship will go on until your karmic contract expires; that is, until you learn your lesson and improve your karma!

4. Two pieces of the same puzzle

For as long as you can remember, people have been telling you that you should be enough for yourself. You’re a whole, not a half, and you need a man or a woman to complete you.

Even though you feel perfectly fine in your own skin, the moment this special someone enters your life, you feel like you’ve finally found the piece of the puzzle that has been missing all along.

Just like that, your entire life gets meaning. You didn’t even know that you needed someone to complete you, but here they are giving you everything you ever needed without being aware of it.

You two fit with each other perfectly. This type of connection makes you feel like you are actually one soul divided into two bodies.

Don’t get me wrong: you don’t have to be the same in everything. But, even your differences complement each other and serve a purpose.

5. Understanding without words

Eye contact and body language are more than enough for you two to understand each other perfectly. Actually, if we’re talking about an especially strong connection, you don’t even have to be physically around each other to know what the other person would do.

It’s like you’ve suddenly gained mind-reading abilities. You know what they’re thinking without them actually saying a word, and vice versa.

Sometimes, you two are on the opposite sides of the world. But, all of a sudden, you feel this inexplicable sadness or you get worried for your person.

Either way, the point is that you get the urge to call them and to check if everything is alright.

When you finally get to them, you realize that they were going through a hardship at the exact time you sensed it.

6. They know you better than you know yourself

This is not just an empty phrase that people use to glorify the strong connection they have with their best friend. Your true soulmate really does know you better than you know yourself.

Sometimes, you wonder if they’ve managed to get inside your brain and heart. You can’t believe that they’re always saying all the right things.

They’re aware of all of your fears, especially of those you’re running away from. They know your darkest secrets, including the ones you hide from yourself. They’re familiar with all of your wildest dreams, especially of those you’re too insecure to pursue.

There is no repressing your emotions when they’re around. They read through your every facial expression and body language sign.

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