8. They have been in a series of short-term relationships

8. They have been in a series of short-term relationships

Serial cheaters are possessive about their mobile phones. They maintain secret relationships and chat and call clandestinely. A look at this fraudster’s mobile phone is likely to reveal their cheating behavior. Therefore, if you are dating a serial cheater, you most likely do not have access to their mobile phones. You will find them typing on their phones late at night or sneaking out to answer calls. Everyone values privacy, but if a person is secretive and becomes nervous every time you touch their phone, you are likely dating a cheater.

4. Reluctant about commitment

Whenever you start talking about commitment, does your partner put you off? Do they postpone an official announcement with constant excuses? These things indicate that you might be dating a slimeball serial cheater. Serial cheaters are flighty with strong commitment issues i X An unwillingness to discuss the future of a relationship or a lack of motivation to do so. . They are used to dating multiple people simultaneously and enjoy unbridled freedom. For such people, commitment is like a prison sentence.

5. They never feel guilty

Serial cheaters are duplicitous sociopaths who don’t Ermenistan flГ¶rt servisi feel sorry or remorseful for deceiving and hurting people. As a result, they can break multiple hearts without feeling guilty. Even if they do something wrong, they do not accept it. They are good falsifiers and manipulate and blame others. If you insist too much, they may offer an insincere apology. They are usually people who have little ability to be empathetic. It is almost impossible for such a person to put themselves in another’s shoes, to feel another’s pain.

6. They are self-centered and conceited

Serial cheaters are highly self-centered. They have an inflated sense of self-importance and believe that they are better than others. Because of this sense of superiority, they think they are above everyone else and have the right to cheat. These people indulge in trickery to seek admirers and feed their need for adoration. If your partner exhibits such narcissistic and unscrupulous behavior, you are likely dating a serial cheater.

7. They are charismatic and outgoing

Serial cheaters are good impersonators and excel in the art of charming people. They are good at entertaining people and earning their trust. Such skills come in handy when finding their targets. They are phony, slick, and smooth and know how to lie to hide their true selves. If your partner always avoids showing vulnerability or discussing the past, then be conscious. You might be the latest target of a serial cheater.

Serial cheaters are fickle and avoid settling with one person. They enter into relationships and leave when they feel bored or get caught. Long-term relationships are not their cup of tea. If you look at their history, you will find a series of short-term relationships. If you ask about their past, they give you vague answers.

9. They do not keep their promises

Serial cheaters are high on promises and low on fulfilling them. Their words do not match their behavior. They promise you the moon to keep you happy and distracted but do not fulfill even simple commitments. They may miss the significant events in your life or disappear when in trouble. Genuine partners keep their word, care for you, and respect you, while serial cheaters try to fulfill only their particular needs. They may promise you they will never break your trust, but they betray you eventually.

10. They tend to flirt

Serial cheaters find it challenging to control their flirtatious nature even when you are around. They openly flirt with others, including your friends. At parties or events, you may have noticed them joking around with the opposite sex. If you catch them flirting, they laugh it off or provide excuses.

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