Funny Bumble Prompt Answers to Get More Matches (Actual Examples)

Funny Bumble Prompt Answers to Get More Matches (Actual Examples)

We’re not all hot studs with 6-pack abs and a jawline like Henry Cavill. And even if you are, good looks aren’t always enough to get you real, worthwhile matches on Bumble. A sense of humor is one of the top things women look for in a man. So if you’re on Bumble looking for a date, you’ll want to make your sense of humor shine through your profile using these funny Bumble prompt answers.

Bumble prompts are a way for Bumble users to market themselves on the app and connect with like-minded matches. The main job of these prompts is to tell potential matches a little bit more about yourself without going into too much detail. The thing is, no matter how fun a prompt may be, if you answer like you’re doing a job interview, you’ll just end up getting a left swipe. That’s why, even if you don’t think you have a great sense of humor, it’s still a good idea to be a little goofy instead of being too serious when you answer prompts.

In this article, we explain what Bumble prompts are, why they are important, and how to use them to get more likes on Bumble.

What Are Bumble Prompts?

Bumble prompts are questions that you can answer on your Bumble profile to tell girls more about your sense of humor, who you are, and what you’re looking for on the app. The prompts work like mini-quizzes that go a long way when attracting women on the app.

There are more than 30 Bumble prompts to choose from Hemsidan, but the app limits each profile to just three. So, when choosing your prompts, you must make sure your answers:

Brainstorming the Best Bumble Prompt Answers

I don’t want to be the guy who just gives you a bunch of examples and hopes you copy and paste my answers. That didn’t fly in college and it sure won’t fly on Bumble. If you want to get her to swipe right and keep the conversation flowing, your answers should sound like they were thought up by you. So here are some general guidelines for how you can come up with some funny Bumble prompt answers by yourself.

Negate the question

If the answer to the prompt is expected, don’t write it. Your funniest answers often come when you either think outside the box or refuse to answer the question.

The first answer is what the average guy would say. The second, however, shows you’re a playful guy who doesn’t have a problem with breaking the rules.

Don’t copy and paste a traditional prompt response

Put some effort into answering your prompts. Most guys on Bumble answer almost all their prompts the exact same way. Being original, however, can get you lots of matches and dates.

Choose an answer that feels genuine and not like something everyone else has said before (even if you feel the same way). If there’s something about you that makes you unique, share it! Don’t try too hard – but don’t be afraid to show off your personality either.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk

Sometimes, saying something that might turn some girls off might actually be a good thing. Your goal is to attract only those who share the same views and values as yours. The safer you play it, the less interesting you will look to girls.

You don’t have to be funny but you can be if it feels natural

Being funny is a great way to break the ice but not if it feels forced or unnatural. If you’re not naturally funny, that’s okay! You don’t have to be Chris Rock to answer Bumble prompts as long as it feels natural. The harder you try to be funny the more desperate and needy she’ll think you are.

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