I hurt the one man who truly loves me and damaged him forever

I hurt the one man who truly loves me and damaged him forever

Affairs are about the cheater milking both the lover and the spouse because each offers the cheater something entirely different

This was my fault. I needed an ego boost at the time and he gave it to me. But it soon turned into a nightmare. Don’t ever have an affair. It’s so not worth it. Did I affair down? You bet. I got the bottom of the barrel scum low life. And it was my choice to do it. I was stupid.

I think my husband is having an emotional affair as a matter of fact this is his second one in the last three years and I believe he is in the midst of a midlife crisis. The first AP was definitely an affair down she didn’t have custody of her children, didn’t have a place to stay, seemed out of her mind. It took about six https://kissbrides.com/pt-pt/afro-mulheres/ months but then he started to come around again and I jumped the gun interferes with the affair and welcomed him back home. Big mistake he stayed home for a year and while at work in late 2020 meet the new partner. At first I was unaware and didn’t realize the seriousness of it until after moving into his moms house, moving to MA to his dads house, cake eating still trying to keep his he moved in with the girl. I’m not sure if she is an affair down. I know she has no morals to mess with a married man, she isn’t all that pretty, and her shape is GOD awful . I just need some advice as the first time I won’t lie I did some outrageous hateful things to sabotage the affair but this time I have not. He’s choosing not to be bothered with our six children and seems to be loving the good life. Someone tell me I’m not crazy for still living this man. What is wrong with me

In late 2018 there was a death of a close family member by 2019 in the blink of an eye he hit me with I love you but I’m not in love with you and in a flash left me and our six children

Betrayed spouse here. My guess is that cheaters affair down less because they were desperate for an affair partner to provide them something and more because of a technicality. If they managed to affair up they wouldn’t have to cheat – they’d just leave for the better person! If an amazing new person offered it all there’d be no need to cheat.

Betrayed wife here (0nly married 5 years, he married me “to make me happy” he said, only to betray me 3 years in with a ‘SO – CALLED FRIEND – together 13 years next year -my first marriage, his second, his first wife had several affairs, so he knows what it’s like to be betrayed) And he betrayed me with a so-called ‘friend’ of mine – DOUBLE BETRAYAL, OUCH they say (“Messy and painful to say the least she said, but not life or death”) She was at the time of her EA with my husband evicting one of her tenants, a single mother of three children, who was suicidal apparently, she didn’t want this woman bleeding on her grandma’s rug – at the rental property – this was life and death she meant, her evicting her tenant..she couldn’t talk to me, she was too busy, had a sore throat, immune system was low, she was shocked about the ‘situation’ no, she wasn’t ignoring me, although had blocked and un-blocked me, told my husband “I don’t get on with her communication style, so I’ve blocked her” winking emoji

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