Online dating help for singles in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also available in California and worldwide

Online dating help for singles in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also available in California and worldwide

Helping shy singles find love online

Online dating has opened a whole new world of possibilities to meet your person. But knowing how to navigate that world can create stress and anxiety. That’s especially true if you’re shy, introverted, or reeling from past relationship traumas.

If you’re considering getting online dating help, chances are you find yourself stuck repeating the same painful patterns in dating.

Maybe you want to try online dating, but feel totally lost about which app to use, what to say in your profile, and how guatemalan kauniita seksikkäitä tyttöjä to get from a swipe to a first date. So you just avoid it entirely.

You resolve to put yourself out there so you can find your person. You maybe even get a teensy bit excited.

You download the apps, set up profiles, swipe (slightly obsessively), aaaand…..wompwomp – you’re seriously underwhelmed by the matches and messages you receive.

Next, you go on several really-not-great dates. You commiserate with friends, trading your terrible date stories. It’s mildly amusing – but if you’re being honest, it’s mostly just sad.

Finally, someone you were messaging for weeks suddenly and inexplicably unmatches with you after you suggest meeting for a date. Or worse still, someone you’ve been dating for months ghosts.

Your tentative hope about online dating turns to pure disappointment. You delete all the apps out of (completely understandable) frustration. You write off online dating altogether.

Days/weeks/months/years later, loneliness descends as you attend yet another slew of weddings and baby showers. You download the apps and the rollercoaster begins again.

Ready to stop dreading online dating?

Whether you’ve been too overwhelmed to try online dating or you’re burnt out from trying to connect with people through the apps, please know you’re not alone. Dating struggles impact most single people at some point.

Needing help is human. It doesn’t make you a failure; quite the opposite, in fact! It takes immense courage to acknowledge our difficulties and ask for help.

And here’s the good news: you don’t have to feel insecure, frustrated, or overwhelmed while searching for your person online.

With an online dating consultant, you can finally find your person

Online dating help can support you to rise above your dating challenges and build the life you’re longing for, one with less loneliness and more intimacy.

Even if you are not sure how an online dating expert could help you, dating coaching or therapy may be able to help you find a satisfying long-term relationship.

At Bay Area Dating Coach, we’ve helped hundreds of singles build the strategy, confidence, and skills needed to find love online.

We specialize in helping shy, highly-sensitive singles who struggle to build meaningful relationships, especially in our modern, app-driven dating world. This includes:

Through dating coaching and dating therapy, we take the guesswork out of online dating for you, with guidance and feedback on your online profiles, images, and messages, and personalized coaching tailored to you.

Our team of online dating experts in the Bay Area spends every day helping singles like you

That means we have a unique perspective you can’t get from many others. We’ve spoken with countless online daters and know what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to finding meaningful connections online.

Our dating coaches are also dating therapists

We’re committed to helping you date in a way that supports your mental health and the health of your future partnership. And we offer more than online dating help where necessary; our highly trained therapists have the expertise and skill needed to help you heal the roots of your dating challenges, including self-esteem issues, an insecure attachment style, and past relationship traumas.

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